What should I expect to happen after I book my treatment?

What should I expect to happen after I book my treatment?

You just made a reservation—congrats and great question! At Qunomedical, we want to make your treatment experience the best it can possibly be. That's our number one goal and what we specialize in!

You always have your Patient Manager by your side to answer any questions or deal with any concerns you may have. 

After Booking

We will need a couple more things from you but nothing too demanding. For coordinating airport transport during your trip, it's very helpful to provide a screenshot of your flight booking confirmation. The confirmation should include the travel dates and flight numbers. With this information, the transportation team will be able to receive updates on flight delays and coordinate the easiest pick-up when you land and when returning home after your treatment. 

Before Departure

Make sure you have all of your travel documents ready include passport, vaccination records (printed or digital, please check with destinations countries policies), your preferred payment method, and anything else to make your trip comfortable. 


If arriving by flight, your quote and booking confirmation on our site will inform you about the airport pick-up details. 

If arriving by train, car, bicycle, walking or some other form of transport, you will need to coordinate transport to the clinic on your own. 

During Treatment

Different clinics have different procedures which they will discuss with you upon arrival. Generally, the procedure includes a consultation and discussion of your goals. After which a treatment plan will be reviewed and expectations will be discussed. Your treatment may be the same day or take place of a number of days. Work with clinic staff to coordinate transport and scheduling treatment schedule for the coming days. 

This is also the time when the clinic will discuss aftercare and expectations after treatment.


If departing by flight, the transport team will work with you to get you to the airport with plenty of time to relax prior to your flight.

If departing by some other form of transport, you will need to coordinate your own transport. 


During your visit to the clinic for treatment will have discussed aftercare with you. It is important you follow this as it will provide you with the best results. 

Post Booking

Someone from our team, most likely your Patient Manager will reach out to you to help answer any questions you may have after your treatment. If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to reach out to Qunomedical or your Patient Manager

During the 12 months after your treatment, your Patient Manager will regularly reach out to you and check in on your progress. We are here for you! 

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