What services does Qunomedical offer for patients?

What services does Qunomedical offer for patients?

  1. Preparing treatment packages, including accommodation, ground transportation, and all necessary treatment-related products and services to make your experience as easy and smooth as possible
  2. Running regular promotions and monthly deals with our clinics to provide you with the best prices
  3. Creating price transparency for different treatments and clinics
  4. Evaluating clinics and doctors based on an objective rating system before admitting them to our network and including them in our curated lists
  5. Collecting patient feedback for surgeons and clinics
  6. Providing you with relevant information, valuable insights, and answering all your questions, making it easy for you to make a life-changing decision along the whole journey (from booking treatment to aftercare)
  7. Offering the Qunomedical Satisfaction Guarantee (See termsto show how much we believe in our services and our doctors
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    • What does Qunomedical do?

      Qunomedical is a patient first digital healthcare service. Founded by doctors in 2015, our company was built on the passionate belief that healthcare should be easily and readily accessible to all, regardless of background or financial position. Now ...
    • Why should I book through Qunomedical?

      The simple answer: there's no reason not to! We understand that deciding to get a medical treatment is a journey. With us you get a dedicated experts that speaks your language to support you along the way - before, during and after your treatment. ...
    • What does the Qunomedical Satisfaction Guarantee cover?

      The Quno Promise Your safety and happiness is our top priority. Every treatment comes with medical risk but we fully believe in the quality of our network. We do everything we can to help you make a safe choice. This is why, when you book through ...
    • Is booking through Qunomedical more expensive?

      No! You will always find the lowest prices with us, as we are paid by the clinics and hospitals in our network instead of our patients. In case you ever find a lower price for the same package somewhere else, we will match it. 
    • Will I ever need to get in touch with anyone outside Qunomedical during the booking process?

      No, you will be dealing only with your personal patient manager from Qunomedical, who organizes everything for your journey, including treatment, accommodation and ground transportation. You only need to book your flights, everything else is taken ...