What kind of deals and discounts does Qunomedical offer?

What kind of deals and discounts does Qunomedical offer?

There are 3 types of deals and discounts for our treatments that you can use:
  1. Regular monthly deals: Every month, we are running special promotions with our partner clinics, including either price discounts or additional items included in your package. For details, reach out to us and one of our patient managers will happily inform you about the current running deals
  2. Loyalty program / referral bonus: If you refer a friend that books a treatment with us, both of you will get €100 from us. See terms
  3. Clinic-related discounts: Some clinics offer discounts to their patients based on different criteria, such as a discount for additional treatments  

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    • Do patients that book multiple treatments get discounts?

      This depends on the clinic that you want to book with. Some clinics offer discounts if you book multiple treatments with them.
    • What are the current deals of the month?

      For Hair Transplants: Suzermed Clinic (Istanbul, Turkey) 100€ OFF for all packages Sapphire blades included for FREE for FUE packages Surgeon: Dr. Fatih Ozturk Dr. Ziya Yavuz Hair Transplant Clinic (Istanbul, Turkey) 60€ hotel voucher for room ...
    • Do I get a discount if I refer someone for another treatment?

      Yes, you will get €50 each, not to be combined with clinic specific group discount. You can find more details about the Qunomedical Loyalty Reward Program here. You qualify for a referral bonus when the person you refer receives their treatment or ...