How does the booking process work?

How does the booking process work?

1. First call with a patient manager

After you submitted an inquiry for a treatment with us, a patient manager will reach out to you to discuss the details of your case and your expectations for the treatment. During this call, your patient manager might ask you to answer questions related to your inquiry, fill out our medical form or send us some photos of your body/facial areas to be treated.

2. Evaluation of your case and receiving a quote

After all the required information has been collected, the details of your case will be evaluated by our doctors and patient managers. If you are eligible for your inquired treatment, you will receive a quote from us.

3. Appointment inquiry and reservation fee

If you accept your quote, the next step is to find an available appointment for your treatment. Once the date is reserved, you will need to pay a reservation fee/deposit to secure your appointment. For most of the clinics, the amount of this is 250 EUR, however, there are some other clinics that require a higher payment.

4. Booking your flights and preparation of your trip

As a last step, you will only need to book your flights to the destination country of your treatment. Skyscanner is a smart tool to find and book the most suitable flights for your trip. Once your tickets are booked, your patient manager will be able to organize your airport pickup based on your flights details. Furthermore, there might be country-related entry requirements, such as organizing Visa, COVID-related travel requirements, etc. Your patient manager will update you about all the necessary steps to enter your destination country. 

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      Your booking information is accessible using Qunomedical Online. Login to your account at and under the Bookings tab you should see all previous, present and future bookings that you have made.  Your booking information is ...
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      We want to make sure that you will feel comfortable with your surgeon during your treatment. Therefore, we give you the flexibility to change your surgeon up to 14 days before your booked treatment date. You view other experienced and talented ...
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      Yes, you can change your treatment date twice, if you let us know at the latest 14 days before your treatment date.
    • Does the service fee come on top of the treatment price?

      No! The 250€ service fee is already included in your treatment price. You pay the 250€ at the time of the booking and the rest at the clinic when during your trip.
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      By default, our treatment packages include all necessary treatment-related items (e.g. anesthesia, medication, consultations, garments, etc.), accommodation and ground transportation. Therefore, the only thing that you need to take care of is booking ...