For how long is my quote valid?

For how long is my quote valid?

The quotes you receive from us are valid for 2 weeks, unless you received a quote for a limited time offer, which usually expires at the end of the respective month
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    • For how long is the QSF payment link valid?

      The payment link is valid for a long time, but please make sure that you pay within 48 hours so that we can secure and keep your reserved appointment date(s).
    • How can I access my treatment quote?

      Your treatment quote should have been sent to you by email. If you are unable to find the email, check your spam folder. The email should have come form your Qunomedical Patient Manager.  Reach out to your Patient Manager if you need further ...
    • What exactly is the Qunomedical Service Fee (QSF)?

      The Qunomedical Service Fee (QSF) is classified as a security payment, necessary to reserve and maintain your desired treatment price and date. The QSF is a 250 EUR downpayment, meaning that it is deducted from the full package price (Shown in your ...
    • How does the booking process work?

      1. First call with a patient manager After you submitted an inquiry for a treatment with us, a patient manager will reach out to you to discuss the details of your case and your expectations for the treatment. During this call, your patient manager ...
    • How can I pay the Qunomedical Service Fee (QSF)?

      There are 2 options to pay the Qunomedical Reservation Fee (QSF): Online card payment: After you accepted your quote and an appointment has been reserved for you, a payment link for the 250 EUR will be sent to your email address. You can complete the ...