Can I change my surgeon after booking an appointment?

Can I change my surgeon after booking an appointment?

We want to make sure that you will feel comfortable with your surgeon during your treatment. Therefore, we give you the flexibility to change your surgeon up to 14 days before your booked treatment date.

You view other experienced and talented surgeons on our site that make you more comfortable. 

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    • Can I change my treatment date after booking?

      Yes, you can change your treatment date twice, if you let us know at the latest 14 days before your treatment date.
    • How does the booking process work?

      1. First call with a patient manager After you submitted an inquiry for a treatment with us, a patient manager will reach out to you to discuss the details of your case and your expectations for the treatment. During this call, your patient manager ...
    • How do I view my booking confirmation

      Your booking information is accessible using Qunomedical Online. Login to your account at and under the Bookings tab you should see all previous, present and future bookings that you have made.  Your booking information is ...
    • Can I cancel my treatment?

      Yes, you can cancel without reason within 14 days of paying the service fee and you will be refunded through the method you paid. After 14 days, you can still change your treatment date up to 14 days prior to your scheduled appointment or cancel ...
    • For how long is the QSF payment link valid?

      The payment link is valid for a long time, but please make sure that you pay within 48 hours so that we can secure and keep your reserved appointment date(s).